Laugh & Breathe Yoga offers Private Yoga sessions for yogis in Cox’s Bazar or virtually for students across the globe.

Why Private Yoga might be right for you…

If you’re interested in a more tailored and focused practice, Private Yoga might be a great fit for you.
If you’re self-conscious about beginning your practice in a group setting, then Private Yoga might be the perfect fit for you.
Interested in advancing your yoga practice?  Try a Private Class…You’ll be amazed how much more you can get out of your next group class when you’ve learned how to modify positions and challenge yourself in a way that is suitable for your body and your unique needs.
Do you have an injury that requires personal attention?  Private Yoga is the answer!
Need yoga in the middle of the day as a pick-me-up or because when you get home you’ll be too tired to practice?  Private Yoga is for you!
Betsy has been a wonderful guide and partner for my yoga practice. I was looking to restore my flexibility, strength and balance (as I was beginning to find it harder to get back up gracefully if I was stooped down, or on the floor to do something) and also to increase my energy level.

Since working with Betsy, I’ve become more flexible, increased my core strength and my muscles are firmer. Betsy just makes yoga fun. She is encouraging without being over the top and pays careful attention to the movement of the body. She adjusts the exercises to fit your ability when needed, giving everyone the feeling of being successful in their practice.

Ellen Albertson