Whether you’re suffering from back pain, feeling stressed or are just looking to make a healthy change in your life, yoga is a fantastic solution. Laugh & Breathe offers the following yoga services for clients near and far.
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I am 69 years old and just started yoga about 18 months ago after both my canine walking buddy and my low-impact aerobics instructor died. I have never been athletic, eschewed exercise and believed my body to be inflexible. I expected yoga to the purview of serious and serene rail-thin vegans who guarded the mysteries of “The East” behind tight-lipped smiles. Au contraire, Betsy exudes joy with giggles and hugs. Yoga with Betsy has improved my posture, self-confidence and, most of all, my joints and core strength. With her clear and concise guidance, my mind recognizes that I am safe and it frees my body to move into previously unbelievable positions that now seem perfectly natural. I leave each class with Betsy smiling in my heart, standing taller, breathing deeper and feeling peaceful. Betsy makes my life much better.