Ready, Go!

I’m thinking you probably don’t associate these words with the start of a private yoga session. Honestly, I don’t either, but I hear these words frequently from my clients, from my clients who have retired. And it got me to thinking, the majority of us are in a rush, the rush for what I don’t know, but nonetheless, a rush.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my clients, all my clients and yes, my ready set go clients! Full disclosure here, I even told them they may be the subject of a blog post.

Let’s get back to ready, go! I often find my challenge in guiding their yoga practice is not in the physical sense ie: warriors and down dogs, but in their breath work, setting intentions and savasana. I feel the energy and love that they bring to the mat, but sometimes I struggle with helping them leave the worries of the world off their mat. So, I ask them to breathe with me and notice the rise and fall of their breath.

Instead of being in a rush, let’s take a pause. And with that pause, take a breath, just one breath and notice how your mind and body respond. Take a pause on your yoga mat, at the store, at the dinner table and maybe even when we interact with those we love or with complete strangers.

Maybe, just maybe, by taking this pause, we can enjoy and be present in the moment, as this moment, only lasts a moment…

See you on the mat!