Hi, I’m Betsy!

A full time yogi and private yoga teacher.

My goal is simple: to help students just like YOU integrate self-care, stress relief and meditation into your life by practicing yoga in traditional and non-traditional settings.

Does work, play and the stress of day-to-day life leave you feeling tight and tense?  With our online yoga classes or customized yoga practice, Laugh & Breathe Yoga will help transform your body and mind, leaving you energized and peaceful.

Our move to Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh has given me the wonderful opportunity to virtually expand my yoga practice.  Laugh & Breathe Yoga now offers online yoga classes, featuring guided meditations, yoga collections promoting stress relief, energy and self-care, and customized private yoga sessions.  Whether you’re near or far, students can access our classes any time of day!

Let Laugh & Breathe Yoga guide you through your yoga journey and meditation practices.  A peaceful and fulfilled life awaits you – contact us today!

And always remember, no matter where your yoga practice leads you, just breathe…

As a first time yoga student at 50 years old and dealing with back problems, I had mixed expectations for my sessions. But then I met Betsy. She is a patient, dedicated yoga teacher with a spirited personality and a will to give her students all she has. Week after week she nudged me to develop and then safely extend the reach of my yoga practice. Not only did her teachings dramatically reduce my chronic back pain, but as a coach, she inspired me to keep going week after week. I feel lucky that I was able to develop my yoga practice with Betsy Kimmel.

Jack Huntley

Betsy Kimmel, the owner of Laugh & Breath Yoga, provides exceptional customer service, to myself & the community, by making sure that each client feels special & welcomed both inside & outside of the yoga studio. Betsy does a wonderful job of helping each client achieve their yoga practice goals and treats each client as an individual. I invite people all the time to her classes, because of what Betsy’s classes have done for me over the past year. Not only do I feel stronger & have better balance, Betsy has also taught me how to quiet my mind, which provides better focus. I nominate, Betsy Kimmel, with Laugh & Breath Yoga. She deserves a Golden Pineapple Award for, not only providing excellent customer service, but also for the love & friendship that she spreads through our community every day.

Lucinda Arnold

Weekly attendance at Yoga class has become an important aspect to my well being.  I really appreciate the way Betsy designs her class around everyone’s mindset that day (snuggly or rigorous yoga).  She starts by drawing our attention inward, to a place from which anyone can set their goals for that day.  Her classes are both subtle and/or rigorous (always with a bit of laughter at some of the poses).  Betsy trusts the art and wisdom of yoga and leads us with grace into a place of peace, allowing our minds, bodies and spirits to come together.  When I leave her class, I feel energized and ready to meet the challenges of the coming week.

Kelly Carbone

Laugh, breathe and stretch a little…

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